Jesus Anointed One and Football



Time to time we are unhappy lonely, in darkness

There is somebody who wants us to find meaning in life and happiness

Somebody did a lot just in order to bring us back to life

Too help us find right track

He is called anointed one. Messiah. Jesus of Nazareth.

All what he does and says is for us. Me and you

In Old testament only very special people were anointed.

Kings, prophets and priest

Jesus make some big changes

After him everyone who believes that his is anointed one receives anointing too


We belong to something much bigger than we can understand. To somebody.

Analogy with anointing is like with being fan of Alabama or auburn

You were that same style hats, shirts, pen, socks, you paint you car


Being fan Jaguars make you that you belong to something bigger


Anointing make us part of something bigger. But we are called to not be just Fans of Jesus but his followers,

We are called to play in his team.

He needs everyone of us.


For me anointing we receive during baptism is something big.


Second thing that comes from anointing is that Jesus has a vision for us.

His vision Is one universal holy catholic church.

This is why we can say that church cannot be wrong.


God prepared her with her promises

Gates of hell wont prevail you

That means that Catholic Church cannot be wrong when it is about truth of Faith.

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