MwM: A Men who literally carries his Cross

There was men on the street walking with big cross

I didn’t know what he is doing , so I stopped by I asked.

it was very interesting meeting!

MwM: Saint Dominic Goat Project

This is our 5th year of running Goat Project!
It saves many lives, and brought hope to many people
It wouldn’t be possible without your help!
Thank YOU!!!!

MwM: A Community celebration of Mary.Sunday, November 23!

In studio Brenda Christian, St Dominic’s Religious Education Director
Today we talk about coming event for our parish, retreat day, kind of good preparation day for Advent.
Please come and join us in prayer and fellowship!
Begins with lunch at 12:30pm till 3:30 pm Continue reading

MwM: Men of St Joseph Outback Retreat!

The Men of St. Joseph has teamed up with Outback America to offer a unique, spirit filled, adventurous retreat, Men of St. Joseph-Outback.
The retreat is a high octane, two-person encounter that incorporates several reflective talks with outdoor activities. Continue reading

MwM: Mrs Linda Mathias Principal of St Dominic Catholic School

What did we accomplished last year?
What are we proud of was St Dominic School?
Goals for this year?
Answers for these and few more questions you will find in the latest Moment with Mateusz

MwM: Zippi Doll. El Salvador Mission Trip

How did we start helping parish in El Salvador?
Why do we go there for mission trip?
What do people usually do there ?
How our parishioners are helping?
For these and other questions you will find answers in today Episode!

MwM: Barbara & Roy Price talk about Faith and Future Capitol Campaign

Moment with Mateusz Episode 14
Our guests share with us :
How did they become Chair Persons for Faith and Future Campaign?
What did we accomplished during First Phase of the Campaign?
Where we are now during 2nd Phase of the Campaign? Continue reading

Moment with Mateusz 13: Joe Dunbar. Youth Ministry Director.

We have in studio with us Joe Dunbar.
He served for 2 years as a Youth Ministry Director in our Diocese
He discern to go back to the Seminary to continue priestly formation
How did he end up in Mobile? where are his roots?
Is he Alabama or Auburn fan? Continue reading