Mother’s Day and Jesus commandment

Lets talk about something very positive first.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our women!

God is good. We hear Jesus saying:

This is my commandment: love one another.  No one has great we life than this, to lay down ones life for one’s friends

Isn’t that about you dear mothers?.

As a wife and mother you lay down your life for others. Unceasingly. Not only once but all the time. Every day

Your Life as mother is a life of a daily sacrifice.

You brought us to this world. You raised us well. Thank you.


Ideal wife and mother in Proverbs: Proverbs 31:10-31 presents us with God’s description and estimation of what a godly wife and mother looks like. 1. She is a devoted wife (vv 11, 12, 23). She is one who has the confidence of her husband, who seeks his welfare, and enhances his reputation. 2. She is a diligent partner (vv 13-17, 18b, 19, 22, 24). As a woman with God’s viewpoint, she is a willing worker, a wise shopper and a planner who is able to minister to her family because she keeps herself fit spiritually and physically (cf. vv 18a, 25). 3. She is a dutiful servant to the needy and the poor (vs. 20). She has a vision for ministry not only to her family but to her society. 4. She is a dependable mother (vv 15, 21, 27). She is devoted to the needs of her family. She is well-groomed, attractive, organized and disciplined; as such, she is a testimony to her children. 5. She is a doctrinally oriented woman (vs. 26, 18). She is a woman full of God’s wisdom. St. Paul exhorts husbands to love their wives as Christ loves the Church (Ephesians 6: 25). Husbands have the solemn duty to sacrifice themselves continually in their total love for their wives and their children.


I think that mothers in our parish are very close to this biblical ideal of wife and mother. Once again, thank you for your love, sacrifice, and high standards of your lives


This is my commandment: love one another. No one has great we life than this, to lay down ones life for one’s friends.


Most of us in one way or another lay our life for others.

And Yes, Our lives are packed with sacrifices we made because of our love for others.

The challenge is that sometimes we may fall into trap of misleading philosophy that I did a lot f somebody

and I’m good now

and I deserve some indulgences because of that.


For example: It’s very strong temptation among us priests.

I gave my life to God. I left my family. I gave up family , wife and children. So I deserve now some better treatment, special privileges, poor me..


It’s like surfing.. I catched once the big wave and now I want to surf on it for rest of my life…


It’s a lie. Telling the truth, it took me long time during my second year of priesthood to get rid of it.


And most of us will agree that this is ridiculous approach toward life.

However some of you may struggle with this temptation anyway:

You gave up so much for your family, spouse, church, work place,

so you deserve some special treatment, applause, right to do less now. Because you sacrifice a lot.

Poor me… I deserve this or that,

I deserve steeling some small things from my job,

I deserve watching some bad stuff time to time, because it’s all I have in my being hero for others…

Most of us would agree it’s B S because it’s not about love any more.

Its about me. End of story.


Let us look to God for strength to review our life of love and sacrifice.

Maybe it needs renewal. Maybe I do love and sacrifice a lot but still God may call me for greater life of love and sacrifice.


As the conclusion I want to share with you short prayer to the Holy Spirit:


Holy Spirit

With your wind, stir my soul

With your words, order my day

With your wings, gather me in

And I will be grateful

I will be glad. Amen

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