Forgiveness of someone who hurts you frequently


I would like to share with you a story. When I was about 17 I did something stupid and my Dad found out about it very quickly. Continue reading


God is my GPS 

I was called one day  to visit a parishioner, he had gotten worse and his wife was asking for the sacraments for him. I put the address in GPS and drove there. Continue reading

Kayak or Prayer?


This story happened when I was in the seminary in Michigan. It was beautiful autumn afternoon and I hoped to go for kayak on the lake across the street from the Seminary

On the way for kayak I remind myself that Continue reading

A Man in a Wal-Mart


I was stopped in Wal-Mart by somebody, he asked me if I could help pay him for food. He had gift card but he needed $10 more

Continue reading

Julie and Bread

slices-of-breadIt happened in the first year of high school. We had a break during classes and I walked up to see a slice of bread on the floor. People were walking around it stepping over it Continue reading