Julie and Bread

slices-of-breadIt happened in the first year of high school. We had a break during classes and I walked up to see a slice of bread on the floor. People were walking around it stepping over it but it seems that nobody saw it. I walked up to it, picked it up and threw it in the trash. There was nothing special for me to do that because my parents taught me to have great respect for food, especially bread. My mom cooks bread almost every day.

A few days later, a girl came up to me and invited me to join their prayer group. If I remember correctly they were praying every day during the long break at school. I was totally surprised by her invitation. I asked her why she invited me to be a part of their prayer group. She answered that she was impressed when she saw me, stopped and pick up the bread from the floor and knew then that she wanted to get to know me better. And so we became very close friends.

I wonder sometimes, how the small things that we do, can have such a great impact on our life and who we become and what we become. Even if we are unaware of the consequences of our everyday actions and the meaning of small things in our daily life- they all make an impact on us and thus our journey.

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