A Man in a Wal-Mart


I was stopped in Wal-Mart by somebody, he asked me if I could help pay him for food. He had gift card but he needed $10 more

. I said “No problem”, thinking to myself that I will pay for all his shopping- a total of about $30, but he put only a few articles from his basket into mine and I aid for just those. 

On the way back from the store I thought that it is very much the same with us in our relationship with God- Although I was willing to pay for everything, he only wanted me to pay for a part of his needs.
What about God? Isn’t He generous enough to ”pay” for everything we need right now, but we don’t truly believe or trust He is that good and generous and we therefore ask him only for small things…?
But God could help us much more if we will trust him completely. If we will trust that He wants to help us, and that we only need to be patient and open to His way of helping us.

I regret that I didn’t wait for this man to leave the store so that I could give him some additional money, or a gift card for food. He was looking for a good man.
Dear Lord, please help me to realize your presence, especially when you come into my life in the person of another man.

Isn’t this very similar to the story from the Gospel? If the servant knew that his Master will be coming, he will be prepared.

May I too be prepared for the Lord coming into my life, whatever it might mean at the time, I want be ready to acknowledge and to act on God’s presence.

We Receive as much as We Are Open to Receive

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