Kayak or Prayer?


This story happened when I was in the seminary in Michigan. It was beautiful autumn afternoon and I hoped to go for kayak on the lake across the street from the Seminary

On the way for kayak I remind myself that I haven’t done meditation that day and if I go kayaking I will not do it later…at evening I had some classes.
I decided skip kayaking and go to the chapel for prayer
When I was there some visitors came in and prayed in the chapel too.
When they were walking around the chapel I joined them and asked if they need any help.
I was very surprised, they were polish people from another town, Adam with his wife and his mother.
Somehow we started talk about swimming and water sports. Adam likes it to. So we made appointment for next time to meet at his house and go Canoeing.
After few weeks we found good time and went canoeing on river close to Ann Arbor in Michigan.
I was meditating upon this meeting few times.
I gave up that day fun on the water to have time for prayer and as a gift I received wonderful people who became my good friends.

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