Prayer for forgiveness and purification to the Holy Spirit

Author of Sanctification, Spirit of love and truth,
I adore you as the Origin of my eternal welfare,
I thank you, As the Sovereign Dispenser of the benefits that I receive from on high; Continue reading

Unusual invocations to the Holy Spirit







Holy Spirit – source of truth,
breath of God- giver of life!

Surprise me in the midst of my life.
Go with me even into my plans.
Transform me in my understanding.
Fill me with all your gifts.
Immerse me to make me clean.
Awaken my talens to work in me.
Work in me that I may grow less. Continue reading

The Beginning

Lord open my senses
( At every + make a small Sign of the Cross at the place indicated)
+Lord open my lips,
So that my mouth may proclaim your praise.
+ Lord open my eyes,
so that I may see your works and human needs.
+ Lord open my ears,
So that I may hear your word and the cry of the poor.
+ Lord open my nose,
So that I can distinguish what is alive from what is dead.
+ Lord open my understanding,
So that I may understand you and your word.
+ Lord open my heart,
So that I may make room for you and seek and find you in all things.
+ Lord open my hands,
So that I may receive from you and cheerfully give to people. Amen.