Prayer for forgiveness and purification to the Holy Spirit

Author of Sanctification, Spirit of love and truth,
I adore you as the Origin of my eternal welfare,
I thank you, As the Sovereign Dispenser of the benefits that I receive from on high;
and I invoke you as the source of the light and strength
which is necessary for me to know good and to practice it.
Spirit of light and strength,
enlighten my understanding,
strengthen my will,
purify my heare and rule all its actions,
and make me humble to all your inspirations.
Pardon me, Spirit of grace and mercy;
pardon my continual unfaithfulness,
and the wretched blindness with which I have repulsed the gentlest,
and the most powerful impulses of your Grace.
I desire by the aid of this Grace to cease from being rebellious against it,
and from now on to follow its guidance with such humility,
that I may taste the fruits and enjoy the blessings which your holy Gifts produce in the soul.
To you, with the Father and the Son, be all glory forever. Amen.

One thought on “Prayer for forgiveness and purification to the Holy Spirit

  1. I have recently completed the study “Everybody Needs to Forgive Somebody” This prayers will help me to move to through the next steps on my Spiritual journey. Thanks for your encouragement, Fr Mateusz..


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