2 Sunday of Lent.Who are you? Fan or Team Member?

Do you play any sports?
If so, how often do you need to practice?
Do you need to listen to your coach?
How hard is it to allow yourself to be coached?
And it takes so much time, right?
Do you prefer to be a team player or are you just as happy watching the action from a safe distance?

For those who don’t play:
Aren’t you sometimes jealous of the players because they have so much talent and play so well?
As a fan however, we know all their mistakes, we know the game and what is required of each player, and what they need to do to win. We know the plays better than the team…right?

Something similar happens when the game is your faith.
You can be a fan – who knows everything about everything, but who doesn’t play.

Or you can become team member and actually play in the game.
You can be a team member that actually listens to the coach; a player who never misses practice. A team member who often breaks a sweat in the “tournaments” of our daily lives.

If you decide to be a team member, then who is the coach? It’s Jesus!

How well do you know your coach?
Are you faithful in attending regular practice, which is required to stay in shape, to be at our best every day and to be able to hand defeat to the enemy?

Sunday Mass and daily prayers, doing good deeds, helping others, volunteering in the parish; These are all practices which make us better in the game of daily life when eternity is on the line, where an eternity with this great coach is the trophy.

So which of you are fans of Jesus? It really does not take any huge effort to follow Him, or to follow His teachings, to love Him and to serve Him.

Or do you want become team member and play for the trophy? It’s your choice!

And, as you know, it is a totally different story when you play for the team as compared to when you just cheer for the team.

Yes, it is the same game, but as you know, a totally different experience

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