It happened  during my first year in the High school. A few weeks before, I had met a painter, an artist from our village. During time at his home we were listening to a polish musician- “Antonia Krzyszton”. I love her music and her poetry. A few weeks later, while I was reading something in my room, a thought or maybe a feeling came into my heart that needed to visit this artist again and borrow from him the CD that we had listened two weeks before. I remember that I was surprised by those thoughts. The book which I was now reading was pretty good and I simply was too lazy to ride my bike to see that man again. But thoughts about visiting him didn’t go away and after good number of minutes of an inner battle, I decided to go and visit him again. On the way, just one house before his, I met a girl I knew because I went to grade school with her younger sister. I don’t know why, but I stopped my bike and we started to talk. We had such a good time talking that afternoon that soon it turned into evening and it was too late to visit the artist. I never did visit the artist that day, and I never have since. But I found on that day one more friend…a very good friend. In a way she became my older sister. And as an older sister will often do, she asked then and still asks difficult questions. She got married about 3 years ago. She and her husband have two daughters. I get along very well with her husband too. As look back on that encounter I wonder; we had talked a few times before our meeting that afternoon, but it did not occur to me that she might one day become a good friend of mine. That one evening, that chance encounter, changed a lot. I’m glad I didn’t stay in my comfortable Lay-z-Boy chair that day.

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