Why become disciple of Jesus

…great crowds were traveling with Jesus, and he turned and addressed them… 

Jesus is talking today not only to his apostles who made mind to fallow him but

He talks to the crowds – presents to masses challenges of fallowing him 

You have to make decision to hate your family?? 

What does it mean? 

It is Semitic phraseology that says that everything and everyone in your life has to be 

secondary in relation to Jesus Christ 

Your children, wife, parents, your mission of making this world better place,  

Everything !!! He wants to be first, before all and above all! 


I have been 4 years priest, 8 years in the seminary and 2 more since I converted, 14 

years and im struggling a lot with Gospel 

.. whoever does not carry his own cross cannot be my disciple…. 

Why do we carry crosses? To die on them.. 

Our crosses in many ways kill us 

They kill our pride, our need for being smarter than others, 

They kill attachment to wrong passions, desires 

To being liked, respected, honored. 


Cross is a tool for cleansing us 

So everything that is not from God can die in me 

Cross and my dying there create desert, emptiness, vacant place  

Where God is waiting to come and take me into possession, ownership, 

To transform me,  

So he can live in us and through us 


The thing about cross it that it requires full consciousness,  

full awareness, mindset in order to carry it. 

We can not carry cross just by accident – 

It’s a decision. 

It requires intentionality, being present, being there, to make right decision,  

To accept Christ in humiliation, rejection, modesty, poverty, chastity, in freedom 

…anyone of you who does not renounce all his possessions cannot be my disciple… 

We are called to live simple so others can simply live 

So simple 

And I’m first who is guilty of not rejecting my possessions so I can have more freedom 

for Christ and for you and for everyone else 

I just bought LED kit to my little black Kia Soul, interior lights so It can look cool… 

I knew I don’t need it, but still I bought it 

Just wasting of money, when millions of people are starving every day 


..If you want to be my disciple.. 

What does it really mean to be Jesus disciple? 

Does it mean to pray every day? Do fasting on Wednesday and Friday ?  

Do not dance, do not drink alcohol? Do not play poker, do not wear nice clothes ?  

Be always serious ?  

Go to church every day? 


Looks like What Jesus ask us is way too much 

Nobody can do it on his own 

Why at all to do it?  

Just so you can suffer, lose your job, forgive everyone who hurts you, 

Be peacemaker that everyone laugh at you? 


Are you now Christ disciples ? 

How does it make you different from those who don’t care?  

Who don’t forgive, who hold grudges, who are envy and jealous,  

who hurt others to achieve their goals ? 


Just because you come once a week or even every day does not make you Christ 



So what makes me Christ disciple? 

Having him above everything in my life 

Carrier, family, security, good health, respect 


Doing what seems to be impossible.  

Being the last one. Being free. Loving enemies, forgiving everyone, being peacemaker  

But first of all  

As I’m thinking about how impossible is to be and live that way 

First of all 

Disciple of Christ lives his live intentionally,  

Doesn’t let his passions direct his decisions, 

Disciple of Christ is a free man. Free person 

Who accepts his crosses 

Who accept suffering and pain and struggle in his live 

Disciple of Christ lives his live to the fullness  


This is all. This is the secret. 

Doing what seems to be so impossible, so difficult, so challenging, 

Making decision towards that, helps me to live my live to the fullness 

Means the way God sees is.  

Christ lived his live to the fullness  

He was freeman 

He intentionally went to Jerusalem to die there  

He Intentionally died for me 

He Intentionally became men 

He Intentionally let people spit on him, beat him, and treat him as a trash 

All he wants from me to live my life Intentionally, not by accident 

He wants us live to the fullness 

Fullness of happiness too 

It’s possible only when we hate everything else because of him and when we take our 

daily crosses and carry them 

2 thoughts on “Why become disciple of Jesus

  1. What a lot to contemplate. I do not think that the Lord minds if we treat ourselves once in awhile as long as we remember to help others. Am I wrong? Thanks for these words to live by each day. God bless you Father Mateusz with your two parishes. I pray for you each day.


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