Who is God’s Treasure?

..Be sure of this: if the master of the house had known the hour when the thief was coming, he would not have let his house be broken into. You also must be prepared..

How well we know these words from our own experience!

All the time we are surprised by temptations, by our vices, by words we say,

Things we do that we regret so deeply

And we would give everything to be able go back in time and be able to relive it once again and make better choice,

don’t hurt somebody, don’t say something bad, say no to temptations…

Our daily battles and struggles don’t help us to see

That still our Father is pleased to give us his kingdom,

That we are in the center of his attention

We are Apple in his eye!


Francis de Sales gives us advice how to be prepared for daily battles, for temptations, or for coming of the lord in different events

2 things

First when we do examine of conscience at night, is good not only to see what was bad and be sorry for that, to see what was good and be thankful for that too,

But it is also necessary to look on coming day and keeping in mind vice I’m working on now, to look how I could make that coming day better

How I could prepare myself for facing that vice tomorrow, what would be better choices I could do tomorrow

Second on the morning. When we take showers, brush our tweet or wait for coffee

It is good to look Through the coming day and see what are the challenges that are coming, difficult situations, and think than about best choice or reaction I can have to make good day

On the evening we think about how we can work on taking care of that one vice next day

And morning we glance through whole day and plan our best decisions, behaviors for that day

We cannot be prepared for everything but we can make ourselves prepared for some things so we can react in better way


Where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.

What do I think most about in my life?

Let’s change the focus from us to Jesus.

What is Gods treasure?

What is that God is taking care unceasingly? Un endlessly?

What is in center of Gods attention?

Is it Cosmos? New life on Mars? No…

It’s Me and You

We have been in the center of Gods attention for last few thousands years:

Everything is about us!

God’s message is about His care for me and you

And how he desires us to find right path,

to find happiness, to find peace, to find love,

Because without him in my life nothing makes sense, nothing brings completion, nothing bring peace, nothing will make me happy


Where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.

We are God’s treasure. And so with us is his heart.

All Jesus life was about us. He dies for us.

He gives us his body and blood to nourish us

It’s all about me and you.


Looks like we are pretty important

if God Himself keeps unceasingly his focus on us

And so he gives us directions

How to live, what to do in order to be ready for his coming:

Today in Eucharist. Through other people,

Through the Holy Spirit calling me to do something big or something small,


Once again let us make it clear:

I am in the center of Gods attention.

I’m in the center of Gods love

I’m always before his eyes

I exist because he thinks about me. I cannot live without him.

This is very challenging for me

-It’s so beautiful. It’s so powerful. It’s so captivating to think that way.

But I’m not doing very well Letting this reality sink into my life

How often do you think that your life doesn’t matter, that God doesn’t care,

how often I’m paralyzed because of fear and worries

How often I made wrong decisions because I’m afraid, because I’m lonely,

because I don’t believe that I’m really and truly at the very heart of Gods existence?

The most important and provoking for me is the thought that I am at the center of God attention.

He is all about me. My happiness. Joy, peace.my salvation .

My life with him.

It’s mind bending to think about it I hope it wil be good for you too



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