Prodigal Son, Perfect Brother and Good Father


This is a critic of people in the parable about prodigal Son


Favors one his sons

To strict to other one.- son never ask him for anything.

Younger one is spoiled. He doesn’t respect his father

Father hurts his son by giving him half of his possessions

But he is looking after his son when he is lost


It’s easy to favor some people and be hard to others.

Everyone deserve that same love


Youngest son

In the first part of parable:

Spoiled, not used to hard work. He gets everything he wants.

He didn’t learn how to respect and love others


Second part:

He is lost.

We may have in our families somebody who is like prodigal son.

Lost in drugs, addiction, sin


What is difficult in being lost is that you may be in such pitiful and miserable place in your life that you may not have any more faith that you deserve forgiveness


This is where your prayers and kindness toward lost sinners is crucial

Your prayers open the ears of those who are lost to here God whispering

I love you. Don’t give up. I’ll never give up on you. I waiting for you with open arms


The Older son.

He was taught obedience but didn’t have too much lack with learning how to love.

Rules are above everything.

He lives in the shadow of fear of his father.

Scripture says : where is love there is no fear.

Because he doesn’t feel loved he struggles with loving,

Especially those who in his eyes deserve punishment


How often I’m the older son

Who looks with judgment on others

Who holds grudges

Afraid of God,

Who doesn’t believe Father loves him.

Who is more a servant than son.

His heart is bitter because of injustice that happen to him

He would be able to pass it but there is not enough love and security in his heart.

The love he was loved by his father was to strict… to harsh.. too tough


It is painful prison to be in: when you are afraid of being yourself before those who are the closest people to you.


The story is not only about prodigal son.

It’s about all of three people there:

Prodigal son     Merciful father       Older son


For me it is the older son about whom is this parable

Technically he was never lost

So he cannot be found


Always just is not allow to cry, mourn, regret, be wrong, to love and to suffer.

But it is he who suffers the most

Because he is close on mercy and love and joy of living life of a son and heir not a servant.


Pharisees were complaining: This men welcomes sinners and eats with them.

It is older son in us, “the just one”

That wants everyone to be holy: You don’t have right to make mistakes, you don’t have right to sin.

It is older son in us, “the just one”

Who is the biggest obstacle for lost people to find their ways to God.

We don’t have to many big sinners in our church

They wouldn’t be able to stand here, our looks,

Sinners are outside. Judged, rejected, condemned, isolated.


But it is me whose heart needs to be changed and transform.

The older son.

It is me who need experience forgiveness, love, mercy, acceptance,

So I can live more as a son, heir, friend

Not servant. Not slave.



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