What Jesus should do for me???


We see that Peter reveals to us that Jesus is the Messiah. He is the Christ.

And almost immediately after that Peter is trying to stop Jesus in fulfilling his mission as The Messiah.

It’s all because Peter’s human expectations are different from who really Jesus is and what he is going to do.


The challenging part here is that we need to continue asking ourselves:

What are my human expectations about Jesus.


What he is suppose to do for me, my family, my nation – because he is my God and I am his disciples.

Let’s go through just few common expectation that most of us may have,

Or most likely have but often we don’t think there is something wrong with it..


.. Because Jesus is my God I’ll always have good job, and hopeful more money..


.. Because I believe in Jesus he need to protect me and my family and all my friends from serious illness or family tragedy…


.. Because Jesus is my God I won’t have car accident, I will pass this very important exam tomorrow.. although I didn’t really study enough…


.. Because I believe in Jesus he will make me always happy…




It never worked that way and it won’t ever be.

We don’t believe in the gospel of prosperity, gospel of success.

We believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ who became one of us

and died for us and is risen and calls me and you to fallow him:

to cary our crosses every day…

in order to share his forgiveness, love, presence and salvation with others.

To make this world more human place..


So what do you expect Jesus to do for you in your life?


Time for second part of the homily.

When we look at the disciples we see that everyone is unique.

Everyone of them has different gifts and talents that God uses in proclaiming his kingdom.


And God blessed me and you with various gifts.

The question is: how much of those gifts and talents I’m willing to invest into Gods Kingdom?

– To build it, to support it, to spread it


Jesus said it very clearly today:

For Whoever wishes to save his life will lose it,

but whoever loses his life for my sake and that of the Gospel will save it.


Our banner could be: come join us. We need you too lose your time and talents for Jesus and his people.

Become Gods looser- become disciple- become saint!

Doesn’t that sound good?


So please pray about it. Ask God how you could use your talents to support this parish.

How he can use you and me more for the benefits of his kingdom

And do something about it.

Be a good steward of talents God blessed you with


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