2 Sunday of Lent. Transfiguration in my world?

Transfiguration reminds us about one of the most radical truths in our life.

About reality that is rejected by many.

That there is spiritual world in  our existence

There is glory of God. and we are called to share in Gods glory as we share in his suffering.


Here is connection between lent and transfiguration

Both direct us toward magnificence of spiritual world

But we as a humans connect both

World of spirit and world of matter.

Those 2 worlds are inseparable in us. We have body and soul.

Both worlds – spiritual and material- affect us profoundly

We need to say that material world is lower in comparison with spiritual world.


But some how we focus more on the material world , easily diminishing spiritual world

Angles can guard us, cows can nourish us,

Angles can tempt us, insect can bite us

What happens is that very often we are more concern about insects than devils,

We are more concern that cows should nourish us than that angels should bless, protect us, guide us


When I was 12 my parents didn’t let me watch movies after 8 pm.

Once thee was movie called back to the future

And I was so madly mad on them that I cannot watch. They even close the door so I couldn’t listen to it

I was crying in bed, encountering big drama in my life.

Asking why??? Why there are so cruel that don’t let me watch this movie…

For even a moment I didn’t think that they might be right in what they are doing

Why I m saying that?

We might be mad on that that we wasn’t there at this transfiguration.

Like other 9 disciples. We might be mad that we don’t hear God talking to us.

Like he talk to the 12…

But we might be mostly afraid on screaming on him as I was afraid of thinking what do I think about my parents on that night..

So as punishment/ or just logical consequence of lack of daily proof for Gods loving presence we begin leave as he wasn’t really there.. as he wasn’t really important, as he doesn’t really care..


As we ponder upon transfiguration we need to ask ourselves

How am I immerses into reality of the spiritual world

Where am I when it’s about presence of saints in my life?

Do I have favorite saint, whom I ask for intercession? Who assist me on my daily Journey?

Do I acknowledge by my actions real existence of angels in my life

Do I pray for their help? Do I thank God for them? Do I pay to my Guardian Angel?


As you know it is easier to walk with head bowed towards earth , bowed down, rather than head looking up

And in our life it is so natural to be occupied with material problems, struggles, and dilemmas.

There is always something that challenges our faith, that makes us bowed down towards what is just before me,

So I wont see broader perspective. Broader Verizon of Gods presence.


Being bowed down toward earth, is completely different than being down to the earth,

When we are truly down to the earth we are walking before the Lord. we walk with our Lord.


It’s difficult to keep perspective that there is another world around me:

World which I don’t see but it is world that exist. World which I am part of it too.

This is why we have lent:

Time when thorough our resolutions, mortifications, self denial, alms giving we try to remind ourselves about being more open for the spiritual reality around me

And we hope that through our Lenten sacrifices we may get 1 step closer toward cooperation with God

Toward loving and serving him more

That we may live more as his beloved sons and daughters.

We hope to get closer into walking before the lord in our daily life.




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