1 Sunday of Lent. Talking about choices.

Jesus is driven by the spirit to the desert

We also are driven to places we may not want to be

Things happen, you got sick or you get promotion in your job

For young couples having 1 children children, besides it brings a lot of joy , it is also kind of being driven to new reality

Reality of not having any free time, not maybe giving each other needed time and attention,

The point is that time to time we all are being driven to the places where we do not want to be

Or which feel kind like a desert, survival place, place of test,

Place where we reach to our extremes

It’s a not pleasant place to be

You will say: Jesus had angels ministering him.so he might have easier situation.

The truth is that to us too God sends angels to minister to us, to help us, to guide us, to give us strength. It just we who often don’t accept the quality of angels God send our way…

Going back to the main story

What happen to Jesus at the desert?

Yes ! He was tempted! And what? He rejects temptations. He makes a choice.

He is aware of his mission. His choices reflect on whom he is and where is going

His choices shows what he wants to do . And he do it. He goes and

Proclaim Gospel of God.

And what about us? We don’t make just 3 choices every day. Every day We make tens and hundreds of choices.

I would like you this week to take a look, on your choices/ decisions you make every day.

Choices you make facing temptation.

Choices that are questioned by others, maybe family member, maybe your spouse, your friend or your priest

And I would like you to look on those choices, especially those you are most sure of them,

Look on them. And review them, asking Holy Spirit for light to see if there are things that I believe are good, but may not be really good.

Somebody said that Satan may tempt us to do something good just in order to stop us from achieving something better.

One of the doctors told me that one of the best things to fight beginnings of depression is to change your daily routine.

Make choice to do things differently. Change the order. Change the priorities

Kingdom of God is at hand. It means that he is here. Very close to you.

Ready to cooperate with you . He is at the distance of hand.

But by my daily choices I may reject him or letting him come closer

By my daily choices I make my family stronger or weaker.

By priorities I have in my life I make I choice to love people or to use them

To love God and serve him or to despise him, neglect him! To treat him as a not real being

Our daily choices reflect who we are. and where we are going .

Lent is not time to just give up on something. It’s a time for growth. And growing is not easy.

Let us make effort to spend some time before God and talk to him about our choices, decisions, priorities. ask him what does he thinks?

Or what choices are questionable for him.

Those of you who talk to God about those things already may confirm how you may be surprised by God insight if you really try to listen

What are the choices I don’t want to think , which I prefer to postpone/avoid

What are the choices I do t want to listen anyone advice, with which nobody can understand me….

For those who haven’t done it yet, I would say: be brave

You won’t regret.

Things I regret in my life are the one I didn’t listen to God or didn’t have courage to trust his vision, his guidance. Nothing else.



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