Peter Do you Love Me? 3rd Sunday of Easter

pet 3

Full readings:

Jesus asks Peter do you love me more than these?

And Peter answer Lord you know that I love you.

But when we look on original Greek words there

It shows that Jesus ask Peter twice for heroic love. Agape.

The highest form of love in ancient world. Totally self-giving and sacrificial

But Peter answer is not agape. He says you know I love you Lord but only as a Friend. Cannot promise nothing more.

At the 3rd time Jesus settles for that brotherly friendship with Peter and usest hat same word Filio asking Peter.

So.. do you love me as a friend?

And Peter answer you know that I love you as a friend. Its all I can promise.


There is another important detail there

Charcoal fire. It’s there on purpose.

When Petered denied Jesus it happened nearby to charcoal fire.


Jesus doesn’t denies the past. He brings it back in order to make his forgiveness even more real.

And this charcoal fire, what happened there first time, it changed Peter heart.


He doesn’t say any more: Even if others leave you, I will give up my life for you!.. no..

He know himself better know. He only promises brotherly friendship.

And this is enough for Jesus. Enough to forgive him. Enough to make him leader of new born church


What about our charcoal fire?

What about places, situations in my life where I betray Lord? Or still do it and am very ashamed of it?

How much we would love erase those memories. Buried them deep down under ground.

But it happened.


Maybe you need to let Jesus come to your charcoal fire.

Let him look on you with love. Not condemnation.

Let him ask you too: do you love me?

He will settle with you too. For brotherly friendship.

For the promise that you do best till next time,

he will settle for your tears knowing that at the next closest occasion you will betray him again

He is real. And he expects us to be real with him.


We promise him moon and stars and cannot even do one day without sin.

Maybe I need to settle for something more real…Jesus I will do best. And im not even sure of that.

Something similar happens in confession. We come to confess our betrayal. We regret. We want do better.

But also we know that we wont do better very long…

and Jesus agrees for that. Settles for brotherly love.

For whatever we can do.

Even if it is not to much at all..

This is why going to confession is important. Even if we commit that same sins over and over.


Your life is not about sin.

You life is about love. Imperfect. Broken. Sometimes Homeless and lonely. But real.

Your life is not about sin.

Your life is about Risen Lord who died for you.

Who loves you. and who will never give up on you.

His victory is real. His love is real. His forgiveness is real.

We need to become more real too. Here and now.


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