Eucharist- God’s restored Paradise


At the beginning , Adam and Eve were living in Paradise

And after Jesus death, cover over the most holy part of the Jewish Temple was torn apart, which symbolizes that God is not any more separated from his people.

Jesus opened for us gates of haven but also gates of paradise here on earth

Paradise- as a friendship with God, living in his presence as first parents lived

There was tree of live in the Paradise too. The Cross is New Tree of life.

Eucharist- Jesus is the new fruit of life that nourishes supernatural life in us.

Paradise happens here on earth again.

Not in strict physical way but in a spiritual, supernatural way

Walking with God is possible again for everyone of us.

Close friendship with him is possible too.


As I reflected upon today Gospel I was struck by small detail :

Jesus Ask His disciples to find for him Guest room for last supper

He doesn’t ask for a regular dinning room but guest room.

He is going to be there as a guest.

Room for the First Eucharist is a transitional place, temporary quarter.

This reminds me that we are always Guests in God’s accommodations.

We are here on the earth only temporarily to move from one place to another.


When Jews have Passover they celebrate their passing over from lives of slavery to lives of freedom and abundance in the Promised Land.

It is meal which gives them strength for such transition, which took 40 years of wandering through the desert

It’s a meal that reminds them about God mighty works in their lives


Our lives are packed with transitions too

Some of these pass overs are unexpected

like sudden death, an unforeseen pregnancy a job loss

We experience also transitions that are planned:

Move form Job to job, from city to city

Single to married life

From adolescence to adulthood

We can ask,

If we who receive Eucharist live that same lives as unbelievers then what it really does to us?

Or How does Jesus’ Body and Blood help me in My Daily pass overs from life of egoism, anger, unforgivness, to life of love, kindness and truthfulness

Jesus offers to us here more than we could ever imagine

Here in Gods temple, God’s guest room We are being fed and strengthened.

God’s word is meant to bring us consolation, bring closer to our Creator, answer our questions and doubts

But Eucharist is meant to challenged us to pass over form being hearers of the God’s word to doers of His word

From rugged individuals to the community of the church

From self centered to self giving persons

From people who want stay here on earth forever to people who accept reality:

That we are just pilgrims, we just pass over from this life to another that we are short time guests her on earth, on transition to the heavenly realities.


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