Have you anything to eat here? Jesus on the 3 Sunday of Easter


We see that what happens in today Gospel is that Jesus comes to see his disciples.

I kind of see why  disciples were so terrified,   this was their master whom they betrayed.

And he is so powerful! … What about revenge? What he will do to us?

So He needs to open their minds to understand Scripture to help them overcome all this fear, lack of faith, unbelief, all questions and doubts..


And he also ask for bread.  This sentence I like very much:

Have you anything here to eat?

People laughing at my parish that were is food there is Fr Mateusz : )


He simply  makes the situation more comfortable

He is awesome. He gives them time to get used to him again. To cool down.

Smile. Bring back memories from Old good days:

When they were eating together, feeding the thousands, fishing,

I see big smile on his face.

And what then?


He talks about what is important

Not about how was it in hell, how was it to beat up Satan down there

Or how the heaven looks like,

What he speaks about

Is repentance and forgiveness  that need to be preached to all nations in his name


This is his eater message. For us too. Among joy of resurrection, he reminds us about what this all is for!

To bring us forgiveness, to direct us toward conversion,

To renew our strength for changing of our lives,

So we may live every day more and more as Gods sons and daughters

Forgiving others, loving others, asking for forgiveness,

And doing everything what he told us to do in the Gospels.


So fallowing Jesus I will ask you too:

How is your conversion

How is your growth in faith? In relation with God? Or maybe there is no growth..?

How is your forgiveness.

Is there anyone whom you need to forgive? Or ask for forgiveness?

Is there something you try to hide from God?

Which you haven’t given fully to him, what you hold back, trying to be smarter than what Jesus teaches?


As you see central message for Jesus is his care for us. These are fruits of his redemption: he offers us forgiveness, reconciliation and support on our way of daily conversion.

This is big. Let us once again,

Renewed by Easter joy celebrations make it big in our life too.







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