Kind of Joyful message for Joyful Sunday.

We celebrate today Leatare Sunday. Sunday of Joy.

Which reminds us about true reason for lent: time for preparation for celebration of Easter by changing our lives.

When our lives change for better we become better people. We become happier people.

Speaking about happiness, how many of you red book we gave as a Christmas gift?

Life greatest lesson?

I want to talk about this book today.

For me it is one of the few most important books I ever read.

You know why? Because it gave me realistic vision for changing things that I was thinking for long time but I didn’t have really clue how to do it.

Base motive for the book is bracelet that belong to Grandma Lavish Grace.

Bracelet has 4 letters on it:   LEGS. Which mean:

Love all you can

Earn all you can

Give all you can

Save all you can

Love all you can

Its about making decision to make people know that I love them- by my actions. It is different that assuming that people know that I love them. I make them know but what I do and say. What is really difficult thing. Some say to have a friends you need first be a friend…

 Earn all you can and Give all you can

We are getting here towards the real craziness of happy people:

Earn all you can just in order to give away all you can for those who need.

Save all you can.

Living simple life. In order to be able help others. Make others life better. And not forget that we are just stewards of what we have.

I try to live that way and it makes me happy person.

  1. because I trust more God.
  2. Im able to help in good causes- by saving money for it and not spending on things I really don’t need
  3. I See that the more a give and help- my life becomes more focus on what really matters, and I see that I don’t really need so much to be happy

It is joyful discovery. Probably I knew it before, but I never could understand why to save more money besides for health issues and emergency expenses?

And I found really good one:

Save more to be able to give more. This is a logic of the cross. Heart of Christianity.

All what we do here, prayers, devotions, sacraments, masses, it is to help us grow into Christ. In to his mentality. Into his love. In to his vision for us.

And this book, very easy to read, with deep message achieve it.

If you haven’t read it yet, please do it. If you don’t have it I’m willing to order few more copies for you.

I can say that for me lent achieved its goal. I see that something change in my life. I came closer to Christ. And I want to continue living that way when lent is over. Which I wish that may happen in your lives too.

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