Anointing of the Sick-Sacrament of the Healing.

It is for those who are sick not just for those who are dying.

It was revised during Council Vatican II

The stuff for the dying, Last Rites, are Confession and Holy Communion – Viaticum – Food for the Journey.

What does Anointing do?

First of all It brings healing of soul. Strengthens it, brings peace and help to deal with pain and suffering

It Opens on God’s presence in the midst of suffering

It can bring physical healing too. But main goal is healing of the spirit.

It also brings forgiveness of sins. Even if you have mortal sin on your soul it takes care of it.

We just need to confess that mortal sin at near occasion of confession.

It is also good to do confession before it too.

Who can receive it?

Everyone (baptized catholic) before surgery, in serious sickness.

Depression, addictions, nervous break down, thoughts about taking your life..

these are all reasons for asking priest for sacrament of the healing,

For me it is a true miracle to see person who suffers and is in despair, madness on God,

with anger and pain and how after anointing everything changes so much.

People find peace, strength, hope, Gods presence in the midst of suffering.

So I encourage if you are seriously sick or know somebody who may need it, give us call.

I can do it all day. Because this is why I was ordained: to do Sacraments, to bring Gods special presence and healing to our lives.

My last word for to day:

My friends, let us use gifts God give us to help us on our journey. Indeed these are signs of his love and care.

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