Prepare the way for the Lord. 2 Sunday Of Advent

Prepare the way of the Lord!

Advent doesn’t mean just expectation. It means coming.

We yearn for Jesus coming from last 2000 years

And advent happens every day.

We are not preparing ourselves just for Christmas

We prepare ourselves for end of the world. Parusia.

Jesus coming in glory to judge the living and the dead

Prepare the way of The Lord

Advent happens every day

Every day Jesus is coming in some special way to our life, Meets us where we are

We can ask: were my paths enough prepared for him?

Didn’t he get lost trying to get to me?

We’re there trespass prepared for him?

Or maybe I was again too busy to see him in another men,

to busy to stop for prayer and not leave it for the last moments of my day when I’m too tiered to really pray ?


God is coming to us in very special way thorough sacraments

Maybe he is yearning to come to your life and meet you in sacrament of reconciliation?

Or anointing of sick? Or sacrament of marriage?

Maybe he is trying to be my Shepard , maybe he tries to feeds me every day with his grace but I miss his presence.. His coming…maybe I don’t really want his coming.

Maybe it’s too uncomfortable to me?

maybe I’m looking for something different ?

Prepare the way of The Lord, the mightier than me is coming after me

John the Baptist is telling us that the one who is coming will exceed our expectations.

What do I expect from God?

God will exceed all my expectations. If he haven’t done it yet than he haven’t come fully to my life

Or maybe I’m not allowing him to come because of my different than reality expectations

Prepare the way of The Lord

He comes every day in special way to every of us

Advent is time when we try to pay more attention around his every day advent.

His every day coming.

Let us try to be more open and friendly when he comes





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