Jesus and His Yoke for Me.

Take my joke upon you and learn from me. For my yoke is easy ,

and my burden light

It sounds strange. How the yoke can be easy ?

Let’s begin with what is yoke.

a wooden crosspiece that is fastened over the necks of two animals oxen 

and attached to the plow or cart that they are to pull.

They mostly go In Pair- it’s easier to share and work together


Let’s  do some experiment

I need somebody to help me

Fr Norbert would like to help us?


I have some kind of yoke here


The yoke is design to be carried by 2 animals


Is it easy to carry ?


Your hands are occupied now

You cannot do everything you want

Let’s try .go right. why do you go left? 

: )


Let’s connect it with our daily life

The yoke and the burden Jesus speaks about is Faith.

Faith as a obedience to God. Doing god’s will.

Living according to 10 commandments

The  yoke is uncomfortable at the  beginning,

when you put in on you,

When we try to adjust


That same with faith

As long as we struggle, don’t accept it,

as long we try to go another way than the one Jesus invites us to fallow –

it’s difficult, uncomfortable, heavy, strange, painful.

But when we surrender, accept Jesus as a God with

And agree to walk with him all the time, then the yoke losses it’s heaviness

It’s easy if we agree what we are doing.

If you try go another direction it’s very difficult to carry


Let us think about it.

Do I want to accept yoke of faith? Of total obedience?

Probably you have some areas of life where you don’t agree with teaching of the church

I encourage you to talk about it . On prayer, with somebody, maybe with priest

Do some research, do your best to understand it better


What often happens is that we agree for that yoke but

Later on I. Daily life we try to go our own way

And it brings struggles

Maybe some of us cannot find peace in life, 

because we don’t really want to surrender under to Jesus


Important detail is that we are not force to take this yoke upon us

Jesus offer it for us. To help us.

He is God. He should know what is better for us

It’s easier to carry it with him that go by yourself

But it’s my and  your  choice.for every day.


Let us ask Holy Spirit to fill us with spirit of courage









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