Solemnity of the Apostles Peter and Paul

Jesus ask Peter 3 time do you love me

It’s mostly because 3 time Peter Denied that He is Jesus’disciple

3 times asked do you love me, we can understand that it is question for every day. not only for that evening

this question doesn’t end. doesn’t expire

it will be part of Peter Live

I think it is very important question. 

Jesus does not  ask  Peter:

Will  you be obedient to me Peter? 

Will you respect me more? Will you listen to me more Peter?

He asks about love

because God doesn’t want us to be simply obedient to him, respect him, fear him without loving him

He is not a tyran!  hi is God. and God is first of all love. so He want us be part of this loving relation

We can see it in many scenes from the Gospel, that Jesus was the most touched by those who loved him, and who showed him this love, like a women  who washed his feet with her tears and her hair.

Church is built upon Peter who is  a rock

How He was as a rock? He wasn’t perfect, without mistakes,regrets

and Paul? one of the most learned scripture scholars of that times, and He didn’t recognize that Christ is fulfillment of all scripture.

He had to deal with the stain in his Body. He had to deal with his weakness, un perfection, daily struggles to fallow Jesus.

The Church tries to show us through this feast that she is not build upon perfect people, and she really doesn’t need perfect people. because perfect people don’t need God

As Jesus needed Peter and Paul so He needs also us. everyone of you.

not a perfect,but with many weaknesses and flaws.

Do I love Jesus. means do I spend time with him, do I try to listen to him, do I try to understand him

If we really love him, than we can really fallow him


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