Fathers Day and Holy Trinity Sunday

Brandon has two little kids: Andy, who is five years old, and Charlie, who is four. Brandon  tries to be a good father to his little boys. Brandon goes and shaves himself and goes on to dress up. He comes out a few minutes later and what does he see? Little Andy has gotten hold of his father’s electric shaver and shaved a big express way right down the middle of his head.

Brandon is furious. He says, “Andy! Didn’t I tell you never to play with my shaver. Now you are going to get a spanking you will never forget!

He was just about to administer the spanking when Andy looks up at him and says, “Wait till you see Charlie!

Brandon and his wife are simply horrified when they go into the washroom and see their little four-year-old boy with all of the hair gone, looking like a little skinned rabbit.

By this time, brandon is really furious. He grabs up Andy and says, “Now you are really going to get it.” Just as he lifts his hand and starts to bring it down, Andy looks up at him with tears in his eyes and said, “But Daddy! We were just trying to be like you!

Well, Andy did not get a spanking, instead he got a hug.


Isn’t that true? In so many ways we want to be like our fathers. It shows that they were and are heroes for us and that we are heroes for our children.


Talk between 2 fathers. one asked:

when did you first realize your father isn’t a super hero?

Second was surprise with such question, asked

what do you mean by that?

The reply was

you know, when we are kids we think that our dad are super hero, then we grow up and we see their faults and that they are just human?

Second dad answer:

– isn’t  that  exactly what makes great super hero:

-What do you mean?

-Take the ultimate super hero  supermen, : he can do anything. But as sonn as he get close to green rock.. he become big ball of cryptum lash..

I think that what makes super hero : he knows his flows, he knows his cryptonite

That same we fathers, we learn to know our flows, our weakness ,

 what flip us off  and we try to stay away from it and still defend universe

-well  if you look that way my dad is still my superhero  

Let us be not only fathers but dad and superhero. Let us be guys who know are weakness, who know our flows and never give up fighting them and defending universe. 

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