Homily about Good Shepherd and Nice Shepherd

How does the Nice Shepherd looks like:

“I am the Nice Shepherd. I never say no to my sheep.

They love me and I love them and I do anything they want.

When the wolf comes I smile and say hello

and welcome him into the flock because my flock is inclusive and welcoming.

Other shepherds are not nice. They are divisive and bullying.

They have rules for the sheep.

They do not accept the wolf and do not let the sheep play with him.

I am the Nice Shepherd. I lay down for the sheep and the wolf.

They love me lots and call me by my first name.

We love ourselves and we form community.

We do not like those other sheep who will not play with the wolf.

We do not have them in our flock.

We call them names and show them they are unwelcome

because they are not welcoming like us.”



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