The Presentation of the Lord

The Feast of the Presentation of the Lord is a feast of everyday life in that time, because through the daily observance of the Jewish law, Mary and Joseph were required to present Jesus in the temple, and as well to present Mary’s for purification.
This was necessary because in Jewish law, women were unclean for 40 days after the birth of a son and 80 days after the birth of a daughter.

Because of their faithfulness to everyday law we were able to hear confirmation that Jesus is the light of revelation to the Gentiles; He is the light of the world.

Being aware that the Feast of Presentation is a feast of everyday life, it causes me to reflect on my own daily life.
That made me sad…sad because I should confess that in my daily life I’m not faithful to all laws and rules, big or small. I see that there is mass confusion and disorder in my own life…somewhat similar to the disorder in my own bedroom…

I want to love more and be more faithful to the gospel in my daily life.
In my life I want to present a better and more faithful witness to the gospel, in that only Jesus is the light of the world.

So I arrive at this day with excitement and I’m giving my daily life to God through this celebration of His sacrifice for all of us.
I’m offering it up to him.
I’m presenting my life today like Mary presented Jesus in the temple.

By myself, I can do nothing.
I’m experiencing my misery, my slavery to sin, so I follow the example of Jesus’ holy parents and I’m presenting to God the small baby Jesus within me:

A baby- because I think of it as a baby; because a baby is cute, and not dangerous;
A baby won’t say to you: “Follow me!” A baby won’t say to you: “Go to confession.”

I’m offering up to God all those places in my life where I keep Jesus as a baby…
Not as a Savior, Master, Lord and Teacher….
Where I don’t take Him seriously enough, such that I would change my life, and suffer for Him… Follow him truly and faithfully such that I cannot keep Jesus forever as a baby.

I need to allow Him to grow up in my life; He needs to become my Lord…the
Lord whom I will follow, love and serve, for the rest of my life.

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