Baptism of the Lord

Why Heaven was open and voice was heard  after Jesus was baptized?

And why it is so important for me?It doesn’t happen too often that heaven opens and we can hear a voice from heaven.

I would like to focus today on the message which comes from Jesus’ baptism.

We know that through Jesus God forgives us our sins.

Through Him we are reunited with God; through Him heaven’s door is opened again for us.

And…What God says to Jesus, He also says to us:

“You are my beloved son, with whom I am well pleased”

What if God wants to tell you that very same message?  How does it sound to you?

Do you think God would like to tell you the very same thing…?

That you are His beloved son/daughter?

There is something crucial hidden in those words.

If I don’t accept that I am God’s beloved son/daughter with all consequences of it, then ninety percent of God’s presence in my life is simply blocked.

It is sad, but I know many people around the world who don’t believe that God loves them…

…who don’t believe that He accept them for who they are, with all their weaknesses and burdens.

And how difficult is life then?

Maybe it is you also?  Who struggles with God’s sincere and pure love towards you?

Maybe you also are always afraid of Him and tries only to please him like a slave would try to please his master?

This is not what God tries to convince us about today.

We are not His slaves. We are His children!!

The consequences of this false belief go far beyond our imagination.

What is the message our children hear from us?

Do we tell our daughters: you are beautiful, you are special to me? You are awesome? I am proud of you?

Do we tell our sons: You are a brave man; you are good, you have the strength to follow your dreams; I’m proud of you…?

If I don’t feel like I am being loved, how I will share this love with others?

Jesus has His ways to heal us from our hardness, our unbelief and our stubbornness….

…but it begins with us and our desire to be open to His truth in our lives.

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