Homily for the Feast of the Holy Family

Today in the gospel we meet Joseph escaping to Egypt to save his family.

Egypt is not any more Place of slavery now it becomes a shelter

So we too We can look on Egypt  as a symbol of reality into which God invites me to come

In order to find shelter, consolation, strength

God invites every of us to  find and build such Egypt’s

where we can find shelter for our families, children, for our faith, for our dignity, for our love, dreams, passions,

Place where we can preserve Jesus in us and around us

Spiritual castle, fortress,a  safe place.

And do you know what I discovered ?

That In opposite to Joseph I don’t use Egypt at all in my life.

I don’t go there in time of danger

I’m too  lazy. Too proud

I’m too often convinced that I can handle things on my own

That situation isn’t so bad to use special means against it

What is my Egypt like?

You will be surprise. It’s not a Las Vegas.

My Egypt Is a  Rosary and prayer with Scripture.

I see it very clearly that whenever I go there situation changes,

I find strength against temptations, light in darkness,hope in despair.


What can be your Egypt?

Rosary, scripture, divine mercy chaplet, lectio divine

or maybe more often confession or daily Mass

Maybe praying together with your spouse or children


I really don’t know.

But I’m sure that God prepares for every of us such Egypt where we can find strength and shelter

And it can be the most obvious thing in the world

So that we already excused ourselves from using it

What to do? Join me in prayer:  God help me to find  Egypt in my life

and  make me enough humble to use it and enjoy it


God help me to find Egypt in my life.  Doesn’t Sound like a crazy prayer? Maybe

But what a power , what a treasure is hidden behind it

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