Set a fire in our Hearts o Lord!

There are two kinds of fire but only one flame.

There is the earthly fire that destroys, will burn you and will blind you. It can consume you and even burn you out.
Then there is God’s fire, the fire that will purify you, warm you, bring you peace and consolation, that can bring you fulfillment.
We are on fire.
We are on fire doing our shopping, watching footballs games and arguing politics. We are on fire being lustful, angry, mad and full on envy.
We are on fire judging others, condemning others, rejecting others, not forgiving others, holding grudges.
We are on fire.
We are consumed by seeking pleasure, by drinking, eating to excess. We are on fire pursuing bad things: Smoking, watching evil things, hurting ourselves, hurting others.
Earthly fire can never fulfill us.
Earthly fire brings emptiness. There is never enough of it to satisfy us. It burns us out. It hurts us.
The earthly fire of pleasure: it sells itself and advertises itself on every corner, in every facet of our lives.
What about Gods fire?
It’s not trash. You won’t find it everywhere.
God’s fire will burn in you but won’t burn you out.
I can find God’s fire in prayer…
• When I take the scripture into my hands.
• When I stop by the church for a few seconds.
God’s fire is burning in me when I think of others and not only about myself.

• When I join with God in the Holy Sacraments.
• When I turn my face away from sin and pleasure.
• When I serve others and concern myself with their good instead of mine, which can be in the form of: the angels tree, the goat project, my own stewardship
God’s fire bring happiness, Peace, fulfillment, joy, compassion and wisdom.
Without fire, just like without water, we die. With the wrong fire we hurt ourselves and others.
With God’s fire we bloom.
We must always remember: There are two fires in me. All the time.
Most of the time I feel it and know immediately which fire burns in me:
The fire of destruction… or God’s fire.
God’s fire was shown to Moses in the burning bush.
Every day, I pray that I may step toward God’s fire: the Fire of life.
And slowly, day by day, God washes me more and more, in His fire.
He detoxifies my heart, my mind and my soul from a hunger for the earthly fire.
It is painful, yes, but it brings hope and joy; it brings me back to life
So I pray every day using words of the song titled: ‘’Set a Fire’’
What about the fire in you?
Wake up. Stretch out your hand and pray with me:
“Set a fire down in my soul… that I can’t contain…that I can’t control. I want more of you God.”
“Set a fire down in my soul… that I can’t contain…that I can’t control. I want more of you God.”

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