Prudent Steward??

YouTube version is from Youth Evening  Mass.

There  is also a version from Adults Mass. A little bit different approach. Audio and text:

In today’s Gospel, we meet a steward who is commended for being shrewd for saving his livelihood and acting prudently on behalf of his master, and in doing so, he brings praise, respect and a good name to his master.

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From the many interpretations of what the steward did, I choose to believe that he reduced the debts of those who owed his master by only subtracting the amount he would have made in commissions.

So his master doesn’t lose anything on the transactions.
Why is this steward commended for acting prudently?
If he loses his job he loses all the benefits/commissions that he will receive from managing his master accounts.
In doing in what he did, he loses only his commission, in other words, his short term benefits from debts on the commissions…. but he keeps the position.
The master’s debtors don’t know why he is reducing their debt, therefore his master gains more honor, respect, and praise from his debtors because their debts were reduced in total.
So his master commends him not for squandering his property but for a shrewd and prudent solution that followed. We can call that “practical wisdom”.
Now is a good time to consider what I can sacrifice, or even better, what I need to sacrifice for my Master.
It’s part of being good steward. It’s part of stewardship.
We talk often about time, talent and treasure.
I prayed and asked God, “What are the areas of my life which I don’t want to examine, but where I could do more for the Church, for You?”…
And what did I discover?
-I do a lot for the Church with respect to time and talent. In fact my whole life is for the Church and for all of you.

Upon examination, what I can do is do a better job at sacrificing more of my treasure for the Church; I should start tithing. My thinking has always been: I have dedicated my life to the church and therefore I give all of my time and talent to the church, and all my money to people who need it therefore, my thinking has been that I can skip tithing to the parish.
I observed that Fr. Jim tithes regularly…and not 5%, not 10%, but 15% of his earnings. Now, God has helped me to see that I should start doing it too. Even if it makes me uncomfortable, even if I don’t like it.
I have money to do it. It simply something I never considered: tithing is a part of my stewardship.
Can I call it practical wisdom? Yes.
Through prayer, I allowed God to step beyond my ignorance and pull me out of my comfort zone, where He showed me what else he wants from me. He showed me what more I can sacrifice for him…and through prayer he showed me a very practical way to do it. Nothing special, nothing big, but something very difficult and personally challenging for me.
I encourage you to pray for the practical wisdom illustrated so clearly in today’s Gospel. Pray for discernment and that God will shine His light on things and on sacrifices that we are un-willing, or unable to see on our own, but that which God may calls us to sacrifice for his church and for others.
Yes. It’s about sacrifice…. And as in Gospel today, through sacrifice, we gain much more that we think we ‘’loose’’. Fr. Matt Rudzik

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