Homily for 21 Sunday C The Narrow Gate

We ate and drank in your company and you taught in our streets….

It sounds like Jesus doesn’t want us to come to church only on Sunday and be done with church.
He needs you not only at His table but among people who need help, who need hope, support, encouraging words, and who need prayer.
If we neglect what needs to be done, then we allow evil to spread, and so we can’t hear “Depart from me, all you evildoers!”
This is why we have so many committees and groups at every parish, so you could find your place, find the ministry where you can bring Jesus to others.
At St. Dominic. You place can be serving through the bereavement committee, or in the Daughters of Mary or The Men of St. Joseph or perhaps in the Legion of Mary, or in visiting the sick, protesting before an abortion clinic…and there are many other opportunities for you to bring Jesus to others in our parish and in our communities.
Jesus needs our hands, our mouths, our eyes and our ears to get to those who need Him.
Strive to enter through narrow gate says the Master.
To Strive – in the Greek language – agonizomai- describes the energy we must put forth during athletic competitions. Jesus warns that some of us don’t make the required effort to get into the banquet hall for the feast.
What our protestant brothers say “Once saved, forever saved’’, it simply is not true.

Yes, we are redeemed by the death of Jesus, but he cannot save us without our involvement, without our response.
Jesus said: “Blessed are those who have not seen Me, but believed in Me’’. They are blessed because it is difficult to believe and follow Jesus without actually seeing him. It’s difficult to follow Church’s teaching; It is difficult to sacrifice any part of our lives for others. It is difficult to forgive; To be the least one of these, to put ourselves last. It is difficult to go to confession and hard not to eat meat on Fridays. It is difficult to come to church every Sunday.

This too is the narrow gate. Strive to enter through it, says the Master.
I desire heaven. I was created for heaven. In my daily life, I do my best to stay faithful to the whole purpose of my existence…. I was made to worship God in heaven.
God’s kingdom starts here and now… among his people… among the sick, the crying, the sad, the naked, the hungry, the dying, the lost, those in prison, the orphans. These are God’s beloved ones too.
Jesus needs our hands, our mouths, our eyes, our ears to get to those in need… and to bring them the good news… to bring them love and caring.
This too is the narrow gate. Strive to enter through it.
At the end of every mass we hear: “Go and proclaim the gospel of the Lord.” – And use the words if necessary as said of St. Francis.
May this Holy Sacrifice help us to see the needs of others around us and give us courage to reach out to them and bring them Jesus.

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