Being rich in what matters to God. 18 Sunday


There is a rich man whose land produced a bountiful harvest…

He doesn’t see how blessed he is..

What he has is not enough

He is not able to go and share it, to use it

To become riche in what matters to God

Everyone of us is that rich man whose land produces bountiful harvest

We are blessed bountifully

We just don’t see it

We all have enough

Even if it is not enough it is still enough

We receive Enough of Gods grace. Enough light for to do next step

We get enough grace to say no to temptations

But for us it is never enough

We continue compare ourselves with others…

There is never enough in such venue

I can spend me life in trying to have enough,

To be enough good, smart, funny, rich, handsome, beautiful.. “to build bigger barns…”

Or I can start enjoying what do I have and how blessed I am even if it’s not enough

And start being more thankful

And start taking care of being rich in what matters to God


It is so easy to be occupied with not needed worries and unending upgrades of what we have for something better, faster, safer, newer,

We may spend life trying to make it comfortable, easy, smart..instead of just living this life I the way it is..


It’s very interesting that the psalm refrain we sang today is not from that psalm.

It’s taken from psalm 95

Which refers to infidelity of Israel ancestors during their desert exodus to the promised land

…no matter how much God gave them- water , manna,- they constantly whined that they did not have enough


Maybe my blessings, my talents, my charm, my good luck,

Maybe all I have can be counted in the category of manna and water…

Not too much… Just enough to barely survive journey on the desert…

But still we are able to see that even this is a blessing..


And maybe I need slow down with attempts to safeguard my life, to secure it, to make it safe

And maybe I need to start living my life even fuller

By doing what Gods want me to do

By doing what I’m afraid to do

Becoming richer in what matters to God



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