Am I called to be a Prophet?


No prophet is respected in his own home..

The challenge is that we are called to be prophets too. In baptism we are anointed on our heads to live as a king-servants, priests and prophets   , To proclaim Gods Kingdom!

And so today We are invited to reflected upon our lives as a prophets.

Because Being prophet is not only about saying that everything is bad around and God will come soon to punish everyone for everything. This is not all that prophet does

Being Prophet is about speaking truth. speaking it not with condemnation but with love and care so it will lead to conversion of those who are open for it-

Truth without love is not complete truth.

How often are we fulfilling well our prophetic mission?

How often we speak the truth with needed love, care, compassion

Or with judgement, from position of being somebody better, holier, wiser.

How often under pressure of situation or emotions we forget most obvious:

that sometimes it is better say less than more,

that sometimes it is better to rather speak by our action that words:

Humbly helping those in needs, forgiving those who hurt us, welcoming back those who became for as a stranger and an outcast.

Prophet speaks the truth, prophet warns about consequences of wrong actions and blessings of good choices,

Prophet might be not liked, not respected, and even be persecuted,

But prophet doesn’t force people to change their ways.


The one of the best examples of the prophet for me is John the Baptist.

He was preparing the way for the Lord. And this describes very well our mission as prophets:

To prepare the way for the Lord so he might be more welcomed, accepted, trusted, believed and fallow by our family members, coworkers, friends, strangers on the street.

This can be also very simple measure of things I do and words I speak:

Is what I do and say preparing the way for the lord in people hearts or not?

Are my actions helping others to accept Jesus, his forgiveness, his love and commandments?

Brothers and Sisters, we’ve got the Holy Spirit to teach us , guide us, convince us about truth.

Let us humbly ask that we may be renewed in prophetic mission as God’s beloved sons and daughter and continue to proclaim his Love and forgiveness





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